Live Poetry at The Questors Theatre

Feeling a little bereft of ballads, short of sonnets or lacking in Limericks ?  Do your need help with a philosophical outlook that is both witty and profound that just cannot be found in the pages of the Metro or the sages on Thought of the Day ?  It sounds to me that you need a fix or poetry !  And what luck, but not one, not three, but two such events are upcoming at The Questors Theatre in Ealing, the Queen of the Suburbs –

Firstly, on Thursday 20th February in The Studio, we have Off the Chest, promising a potpourri of Performance Poets to pique the percipience – but best of all the evening also offers any fearless souls an Open Mic, just waiting to be breathed into, stroked and serenaded, and generally given a good talking to (but please, keep all mic-dropping to the strictly metaphorical).  If this is chiming your couplets, then make your way to The Studio by 7PM to sign up to take part, or if you would rather just sit back and enjoy the show then make sure you take your seats by 7:30.

And secondly, we have Women in Poetry on Monday 9th March, again in The Studio.  Oh, how those bearded and trousered men love to expend oceans of ink on the subject of the fairer sex, ever since the face of Helen launched a thousand rainy day women who walk in beauty like a red red rose? Well, it turns out that rouged and crinolined females are equally enamoured by the daughters of Eve – but with rather different results.

Join us at 7:45 as some of The Questors’ finest actors read an assortment of raptures, curses and befuddlements by the likes of Lord Byron, Rudyard Kipling, Emily Dickinson and Dorothy Parker – all with a light touch and even hand, determined to celebrate not castigate, be they addressed to coy mistresses or ladies lazarus. Indeed, it will be a perfectly cordial evening of masculine rhymes and feminine endings.


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