So Now We Know – Pat Francis

They listened to somebody or other on TV
who said extremists were to blame
they tuned into experts on the radio
who told them it was apathetic non-voters

they read newspapers       went online
it was reckless lefties stirring up trouble
it was because of self-serving capitalists
it was wishy-washy liberals sitting on the fence

They listened to the gossip
it was the bosses the strikers the foreigners
the old the young the rough-sleepers
who were to blame

Unemployed car-workers in the Midlands
knew it was southerners living easy who caused it
In Lancashire they knew Londoners started it
though Yorkshire had a hand in it

the Irish knew
as the Scots knew
it was always
England’s fault

they listened to the candidates
unequivocally  incontrovertibly
it was the stupidity the carelessness
the downright duplicity of the other party

They listened to government ministers who said
It is quite clear       and I cannot stress this too strongly
it is all the fault of the French
the French and the Germans      maybe the Americans

So they asked the philosophers
and the philosophers said
they had thought long and hard about this question
and were minded to believe that quite possibly

there was always



to blame

Pat Francis

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