Pitshanger Poets Poetry Evening

The Pitshanger Poets are having a reading on Monday 6th May in the Studio – and we need you to be part of the show!

Ever fancy yourself as a poet? Got a few verses tucked away ?  Then why not risk sharing them with us during our upcoming evening of wise words and mischievous metaphor – by no means compulsory to enjoy the evening, but if anyone is feeling more adventurous then there will be opportunities for ‘poems from the floor’ – so do remember to bring a couple of your own works with you.

Otherwise, just come and listen to our eclectic mix of the funny and poignant by way of the surreal.  And in addition, you will get to meet the dedicated Archivist and the Poet-About-Town who between them keep our weekly website updated with the illustrious three-hundred-plus year history of our group.  After all, if poetry is the Greater Truth, then every word of it is true…

Every Tuesday evening at The Questors (for the past 20 years, and before that in Pitzhanger Manor itself), you will find the Pitshanger Poets spinning their sonnets, polishing their rhymes, and letting their verse run free.  If anyone fancies dropping in (and you’re more than welcome), you’ll find us a surprisingly down-to-earth bunch with far more punning than pedantry – or you could come and join us in the Studio as we give our odes an airing.

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