Eating Out – Daphne Gloag

A meal in that nice vegetarian restaurant
in Hampstead High Street – our first meal out.
We had mixed bean stew.

He said he’d been longing for this and hoped it would be
the first of many, contemplating
the bean on his fork.

Longing for what? Many more mixed bean stews?
Well, certainly I liked that stew – after all
I ordered it.

But many more? Could he have meant
the start of a relationship? Surely not!
And did I want it?

It would be safer to stick with the idea
of many mixed bean stews.
But really…

Even as the words formed in my mind
I saw a bean beginning to sprout.
It grew up and up

and up and up until an infant universe
sprang off the top. Its big bang
was violent,

and expanding briefly at near the speed of light
it broke through the restaurant walls. Was this
to be our relationship?


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