Caroline Am Bergris – Cursive


I wish I had never met you,
slithering from my head
into my heart
in one night,
coiled in residence.

Over dinner, similarities glided
in a perfect arc,
differences collided,
forming something new.

We both had our hands on the pen
writing the story of our meeting,
and the script flourished,

I smoothly undressed the mind
under that gaze,
found the nearest thing
to a damned fairytale soulmate
that a cynic could never wish to find.

You are the impossible –
the natural black rose,
the sound in space,
the move to beat checkmate –
making love a possibility,
even for someone like me.

But now the memory of our connection
is a cold sweat.

I read it back wrong –
making everything else right.

Caroline Am Bergris


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