Real Actual Live Poetry at The Questors Theatre

Our landlord is hosting its own poetry event on the Sunday before Christmas.  We are always happy to promote a suitable appreciation of the muse:


A Partridge in a Pear Tree – An Evening of Seasonal Poetry

Do you know what is missing from the modern Christmas?  Soot-covered urchins, perhaps, or extra helpings of figgy pudding?  Or maybe it’s the naked candles perched on the tinder-dry Christmas Tree?

Actually, it’s none of those.  What’s most missing from a modern Christmas is Poetry!  Gone are the days of families gathered around the fire on Christmas Eve to regale each other with witty verse and dodgy accents.  No more the lovers sharing a sonnet beneath the mistletoe.  And who will save the grand old tradition of forgetting the half the words?

We will, that’s who!  We have gathered together some of Questors most Christmassy actors for an evening of good clean family fun that’s not too heavy on the piety and doesn’t overdose on the rosy-cheeked orphans.  There will be some familiar favourites and some forgotten treats.  There might even be the odd humbug.

Come one, come all to the Studio on Sunday 20th December for 7:45, and we promise to have you in the Grapevine by nine.  Tickets are £5/£4 concessions, which is a bargain when you calculate the words-per-pence.  There will even be a free mince pie (if we don’t run out), just as long as you promise not to throw them at the readers.


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One response to “Real Actual Live Poetry at The Questors Theatre

  1. Andrew Evzona

    Would you like me to come along and read out my two poems which have both been published already by Forward Poetry in different anthologies….once called “Christmas” and the other called “Snow” ?

    I can send you copies if you wish ?

    Best Regards,

    Andrew Evzona

    Tel 07471194771

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