Alpha-Better Lovers – Gillian Spragg

Alpha-Better Lovers

Aching for the consummation
Between luxurious smooth-pressed sheets,
Seething, roused in expectation,
Deepening wild delight comes, greets
Eternal love and cosmic bliss, so
Effervescent, sighing, squeezing
Genius for that one last kiss, though
Aitch-shaped, happy motifs teasing
Eiderdown with damask touch,
Jade and turquoise décor spell, how
Came the lady quite so much.
Elusive though betimes she seems,
Embraces in four-poster style,
End coyness, fling the door ajar,
Open wide to welcome virile
Peen – no, no, that goes too far! –
Cutely up-turned, says enough,
Ardent, burning perfumed oils and
Essences to do the stuff.
Teeny mattress, lumpy bunk,
You head for trouble – going for red hot
Venal acts in these beds or not
Double, you go all awry,
Exclaim in whingeing, childish fashion:
‘Why won’t you?’ Tartly, she’ll reply:
‘Zed-beds just don’t move a girl to passion.’
Gillian Spragg


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One response to “Alpha-Better Lovers – Gillian Spragg

  1. gerry goddin

    nice one!

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