Two Minute Silence – Martin Choules

Two Minute Silence

Ordered by social convention into inaction,
I sit at my desk and abstain –
I keep my head down and stare at my pen till I hear
The murmur of morning again.
Like most, I start on my shutdown at ten-fifty-eight,
And end at eleven-oh-four,
To cover the randomly-synchronised watches of colleagues –
And never mind minding the store.

Across the room, someone is typing.  (Is that still allowed ?)
Their rat-a-tat keystokes clatter.
A phone rings out the alarm, which nobody answers,
Till voicemail settles the matter.
I ought to be thinking, I know, of tommies and trenches,
Of birdsong, bombardments and screams –
Instead, I just notice this shuffling silence-by-rote –
My thoughts are deserters, it seems.

Martin Choules


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One response to “Two Minute Silence – Martin Choules

  1. Jane Barth

    Good to see a poem on the blog by a poet we only know (so far) by name. Let’s have some more!
    Jane and Peter

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