Workshop 22nd July 2014

I am almost completely certain that this will be the last entry in this august blog which refers to the new reformed Walpole Park, but forgive me, every time I trundle down Mattock Lane in the old two-seater and glimpse the jolly lawns and neatly-trimmed ducks my heart swells with pride. Frequently I determine to return to my own back yard, roll up my sleeves, ready my tools, find my seeds and draw up a list of instructions for my man to follow in the garden. Of course I never do, and why? I believe the answer is gardening porn.

Gardening Porn, like any other porn, e.g. and to whit, food porn or car porn is a method by which the lackadaisical individual e.g. and to whit, yours truly can experience life vicariously through the experience of others. Do viewers of Gardner’s World have gardens, or do they simply covet Monty Don’s tidy plot?

This week there was a good deal of poetry porn going on as we experienced the wit of our fellow poets. Martin Choules brought the Portuguese Man o’ War to the room in all its deadly glory. Marilyn Keenan wrote about a tortured love affair against the skyline of New York. Gerry Goddin played his guitar pass and gave us a song about a yo-yo with a broken string. David Hovatter brought us a new one (and where were you?) about a walk in a thunderstorm. Nick Barth also evoked a thunderstorm but lacked sleep. New attendee Ali Chaudhry brought us a poem about commitment, promises and suffering. Another new member, Christine Egan brought us a piece about the journey of a boy in the Iraq war. Finally John Hurley wrote a polemic, which was not a polemic, on lawns.

Gardening porn came to mind as leafing through the Pitshanger Poets archive I was reminded of the irregular visits of DH Lawrence to the workshops before the First World War. Lawrence counted himself as a poetic sparring partner of Ezra Pound and journeyed to London on a number of occasions, however the PP Archivist seemed very agitated, in that once Lawrence arrived at the manor he then became difficult to locate. On one occasion Lawrence was found in deep conversation with the Pitshanger Gardner, a Chelsea football club devotee by the name of David Mellor. It appears Lawrence was a huge fan of gardening and ardent on gathering tips for obtaining a nice firm courgette. Whether this experience had any influence on his future work is not not recorded. If you have been, thank you for reading.



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2 responses to “Workshop 22nd July 2014


    Hi Pitshanger Poets   This is your one week reminder that any of your chomping at the bit to perform your poems at Drayton Court Hotel in West Ealing (opposite West Ealing railway station) start honing your oratory skills henceforth as the open mic club opens its doors again to performers next Tuesday 29th..  Do not wander lonely as a cloud but drift into the hotel bar where inspiring pints of ale are served afore the floor show starts at around 8 of the clock.  A beer garden is ideal for all those people who need to relax before/after performance!   I shall of course be there singing some of my latest odes.   Be good to see some of you there.   Until next time we hold a limerick contest in the bar!   Gerry


    • Deirdre Hurley

      Hello Gerry I am John Hurley’s daughter. He does not do the internet so I print out the blog for him every week. On reading your post he has asked me to contact you and say that if you need people to come and read out their poems next Tuesday at the Drayton Court Hotel he would be happy to do so.
      If you email me I can then let him know the situation.

      Thank you

      Deirdre Hurley

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